Zero Gravity by Sankey magic


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“This suspension is a real mind-bender.”-Larry Oliver

With ‘Zero Gravity’ you can SUSPEND a borrowed phone on the end of a folded dollar bill and MUCH MORE.

You can also suspend a bill fold, pack of cards – almost any small item…

And then immediately hand out everything to be closely examined!

And YES – you’re left with nothing to palm or hide!

You don’t even have to say anything, because the incredible effect speaks for itself.

It’s also VERY EASY TO DO!

Perfect for beginners, but powerful enough for professional performers.

You can even BORROW the bill! The same effect can also be done with a folded paper napkin, a take-out menu, whatever.

Comes complete with ‘the very special something’ that does all the work for you, plus a detailed tutorial video.


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Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in


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