Ultimate Re-maxed Iceolation by Kieron Johnson


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From his award winning debut at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival, Kieron Johnson brings you his creation which simply will blow you away. The ice man cometh with the evolution of To The Max and Ice Qube, Saturn Magic brings you THE ULTIMATE REMAXED ICEOLATION

“Amazing, Creative and New” – Luke Jermay

This brand new effect will fit perfectly into your close up set, parlour and stage routine. Think of your perfect kicker ending to one of your favourite routines and then simply double it and then you have THE ULTIMATE RE-MAXED ICEOLATION

“Its modern day TV Magic that happens in your hands” – Ravi Mayar

This ultimate utility device adds another incredible layer of powerful magic to your routines, imagine being able to load a card, prediction, credit card, room keys, bills, and much much more into a solid block of ice that is sealed inside a zip bag that fits inside your wallet.

“Kieron has created a routine with an ending so impossible that no one will see it coming. A creative effect from a very creative magician” “love it” – Lee Smith

This device has been thrilling audience across the world including on the golden beaches of Dubai in 40 degrees of heat. This device will Re-start Re-invigorate and Re-energise the way you look at magic.

“This is miracle magic that people never forget. Powerful reputation making magic your audiences will go crazy for. You’ll love performing this.” – Matt Colman

Whats new in the Ultimate Version?

Since Saturn Magic purchased the rights to Re-maxed Iceolation Mark Traversoni has been working to improve the design.

We are now pleased to bring you The Ultimate Re-maxed Iceolation.

This version works on the same principle to the original but the ice is now much bigger (but overall takes up the similar pocket space) and it is so simple to make.

You can see in one of the images the old and new ice next to each other.

Mark has completely redesigned the gimmick making everything so much easier to do, resulting in a much thicker and stronger block with longer travel times.

Extracting the ice for the old gimmick was tricky for some, with the new version most of the time it just falls out of the mould with no or very little water.

The gimmick is UK made out of high quality materials.

With this version your spectator will be hard pushed to snap the ice so we recommend the way Kieron has been doing Re-maxed for the last year or so by breaking the ice in a plastic bag.

Everything has improved in The Ultimate Re-maxed Iceolation including the price!

You are provided with everything you need to start doing this except water, a cool bag for transport, cards etc!

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