The UFO Whirling Helicopter card

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The ultimate floating device!

  • The UFO Whirling Card
  • Helicopter Card
  • Card Around The Body
  • The Ultimate Floating Device

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  • Throwing a Card from Hand to Hand
  • Floating a Card in Mid-air
  • Levitating a Card to Your Hand
  • Spinning a Card Through a Hoop
  • Spinning a Card Through a Hoop Repeatedly
  • Spinning a Card Through a Finger Hoop
  • Spinning a Card Around Your Body
  • Card Rising on Hand
  • Card Sliding on a Table
  • Card Around the Body Multiple Times
  • Tricks with Other Cards
  • Rising Cards
  • Floating Dollar
  • Floating a Silk Hanky
  • Floating Small Objects
  • Ring Climbing a Pancil
  • Moving Objects Under a Glass
  • Floating Objects in a Corked Bottle
  • Telekinesis
  • Causing Objects to Fall
  • Standing a card on Edge
  • Mind Reading Coin in Aspirin Tin
  • Vanishing Card
  • Card on Thumb

…and much more!


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