The Bar Cup Reloaded by Roger Nicots


Doc Eason: No bar magician should be without one of these beautifully made props. Mind-boggling magic with an everyday bar prop… the liquid finish makes this PERFECT!

Bill Malone: After handling the Bar Cup I will NEVER use another! Without a doubt, it is the Best Chop Cup on the market! Buy two, you’ll be sorry when they’ve gone.

David Regal: The Bar Cup Reloaded is a thing of beauty, stainless steel & a joy to use!

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The Ultimate Chop Cup with Liquid Load

The Bar Cup Reloaded is only for adult magicians who will honestly give it a shot. Seriously! After producing two large final load balls or fruit; this is the only Chop Cup ever designed that gives you a full shot-glass of liquid as the ultimate final load!! And now with even a larger load and larger shot glass.

Why do we offer a chop cup at an online shop that is dedicated to Card Magic? Well, because our passion for high quality magic items does not stop when playing cards are not involved! And Roger Nicot, who manufactures every single cup himself, is a member of the Card-Shark team.

Roger Nicot – with his years of experience as a bar magician in his own Magic Bar – creates these beautiful Chop Cups out of Food Grade Stainless Steel. It is the only Chop Cup okayed for use by the National Restaurant Association! Perfectly designed and manufactured, it appears to be a normal cocktail shaker from the shelf of any bar, tavern or pub.

Every single Bar Cup Reloaded is handcrafted by Roger and with proper care, will last a lifetime. One of the greatest props you will ever own.

Complete with Roger‘s easy to master presentation!



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