Punch’d by Abstract effects David Michael Fox


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Punch’d is an innovative device that enables you to mark and gaff ANY deck of cards in real-time!

With Punch’d, you can start off a routine with a completely ordinary deck of cards and then gaff it right in front of your spectator’s eyes without them ever suspecting a thing. This allows you to immediately perform a huge array of card tricks, mentalism effects, street magic tricks and even stage magic with NO preparation.

Here’s the best part though: Once the effect is done, you can hand the cards right back to the spectator. They’ll never be able to discover the mark because it disappears like magic.

Punch’d offers all the benefits of a gaffed deck, with the convenience of having a completely examinable, or even borrowed, deck of cards!

Unlike other similar devices, Punch’d has been carefully designed to be small, lightweight. You can easily bring it with you anywhere and hide it from sight until needed.

To help you get started, you’ll also receive a MORE THAN 60-MINUTE LONG instructional video covering many of the exciting effects and ideas that can be achieved with Punch’d . From classic effects to brand new concepts, you won’t ever want to leave home without Punch’d.

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