OMG by Flip Disc Productions


The most fool proof version of Russian Roulette ever.

  • specially prepared base
  • number bar
  • dice
  • rubber bands
  • DVD



A member of the audience examines a die then rolls it on the table.  The magician explains there is a danger hidden beneath one of the cups.  The magician smashes all but one cup with his open palm as directed by the roll of the die.  The spectator lifts the final cup to expose the danger.

Hardwood construction.  The vinyl numbers are applied then sealed in place with two coats of satin lacquer.  It comes with one regular die and one gimmicked die.  The included DVD has performance as well as explanation chapters and includes a Christian version as well.  You’ll love the versatility and impact of this effect.  We have approached not only the physical problems but more importantly the psychological problems involved with prior versions of similar effects.


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