Magician’s Insurance policy 2.0


A beautiful re-imagining of the classic magician in trouble prop. This 11×17″ jumbo policy insures audience hilarity!

  • 11″ x 17″ fully unfolded.
  • Multiple card reveals per policy with each policy’s reveals listed in order on the front.
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Use your favorite force and return the spectators card to the pack.  Bungle their card reveal any way you wish. “Uh oh!,” magician in trouble. Luckily as a trained professional you’ve brought along your magician’s insurance policy for just such a mishap. Let the spectator know not to worry while you begin to unfold your policy and read its patter. On the final open fold the audience erupts in laughter as their selected card is larger than life on the back of your Magician’s insurance policy.

Front text

Insures the policy holder against, failure to select the spectator’s card, accidental assistant dismemberment, Hecklers, wardrobe malfunction, bed bugs, zombie balls, charlier cuts, dirty hands, false transfers, pinky breaks, burns, midsections and gaffs.

The Jerx on fixing your magician in trouble routine

Additional information

Dimensions12 × 4 × .25 in



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