Jay Sankey’s Anytime Anywhere


'ANYTIME ANYWHERE' is one of Jay's all-time, best-selling DVDs!

Learn an incredible collection of 34 impromptu effects! Astounding routines requiring NO set-ups! And with objects borrowed from other people!

Includes mind-bending magic + mentalism tricks for ALL SKILL LEVELS with keys, coins, business cards, paper money, wooden matches and much more!

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Here are just a few of the 34 shocking tricks you’ll learn…

CHANGE IN DIRECTION: 2 arrows drawn on 3 borrowed business cards ‘change directions’ under impossible conditions.

PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE: Learn how to read someone’s mind 3 TIMES! Without any set-ups or pre-show work. 100% impromptu killer.

SEED MONEY: Change two pennies to two dimes. Then transform both dimes into 2 HALF DOLLARS.

SOFT SPOT: A key MELTS off a borrowed ring of keys, and then a moment later, melts RIGHT BACK ON.

THE WAGER: Learn the secretly to correctly predicting the date on a borrowed coin – and it really is 100% free choice! (You’ll how insanely SNEAKY this is!)

HYPOTHESIS PRODUCTION: Show your hand empty – and then reach out into the air and produce 3 coins one at a time. This looks ridiculous – super magical!

PAWNBROKER: A borrowed coin and finger ring change places 3 TIMES, and the trick becomes more impossible every time!

HEAT OF THE MOMENT: An examined rubber band penetrates a borrowed pen while the SPECTATOR holds the pen! The band then vanishes – and appears inside the pen’s CAP! (Featuring Jay’s innovative ‘Sure Shot’ vanish.)

INSIDE OUT: A borrowed coin VISIBLY melts inside a borrowed and crumpled dollar bill.

HEAVY METAL VANISH: Jay closely studied the weight and shape of most common designs of keys (house, car, etc) before developing this powerful impromptu vanish.

ANYWHERE WANDS: Jay shares his thoughts about using a wide range of common items as ‘impromptu wands.’ These ideas will make many of your tricks STRONGER, and dramatically increase the economy of your ‘pocket management.’

“I own 13 of Jay’s best DVDS and ‘Anytime Anywhere’ is the best of the best.”-Randy Karson

“Most magicians I know agree that ‘Anytime Anywhere’ is a modern classic. Killer tricks.”-Shane Andrews

“I perform a ton of the tricks from this DVD all the time. Probably one of the best values available in magic.”-Tommy Dewars

“Tricks with borrowed objects are INSANE. People go nuts. And this DVD is the modern bible of impromptu magic. Four stars.”-Malcolm Harris


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