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Karl Hein and Rich Aviles

Do you want to make your audience question their own memory? Heinsight strikes twice! It’s an open prediction effect with an impossible transformation and a kicker ending. Heinsight is easy to perform and requires little to no sleight of hand. After the effect is finished, everything is examinable and you can quickly reset for another performance. If you perform Heinsight, you will get incredible and memorable reactions!

The Effect: The performer shows a prediction written on the card box flap that says “You Will Choose The Joker”. When the audience member chooses a card, it is not the Joker, but when they look at the flap again the prediction has changed to their chosen card. For the kicker ending, all the remaining cards in the deck are shown to be Jokers!

*Easy To Do & Resets Quickly*

1. That Would Be a Freaking Miracle (Hein)
2. eBay Scam (Aviles)

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