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This DVD contains 7 of Karl Hein’s original and commercial routines that require the use of false shuffles and/or cuts. All of these routines are incredibly strong and many are reputation makers. While a few require that you learn specific false shuffles from the HEINOUS V1 DVD, most of the routines can be done with any false shuffles or cuts that you might already know.

1. Square Deal – A unique version of the Magic Square that is easy to do but gives the appearance of incredible technical skill and brain power.

2. Jack Spade – A full deck story routine full of funny moments that always leave a memorable impression.

3. Prophecy Location – A spectator finds a selected card under seemingly impossible conditions.

4. Equilateral Production – A captivating cut with an incredible production that always gets audible audience reactions.

5. Transformer Triumph – Karl’s version of the classic Dai Vernon effect with few kickers that add to the effect instead of taking away from it.

6. Every Card, Every Number, Every TIME – A combination of impressive sleight of hand and an improbable prediction reminiscent of ACAAN.

Bonus Effect: Give Me Five – A very quick magical gag that you will use all the time!

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