Heinous Collection V1: False Shuffles & cuts DVD



This DVD contains the wickedly deceptive false shuffles and cuts that Karl Hein uses throughout his professional performances. V1 includes 10 false shuffles & cuts, varying in degree of difficulty from beginner to advanced. All video has detailed and easy to follow instructions with close-up multi-angle views of the moves and finger positions. All of these false shuffles and cuts can be done in the hands without the need of a table. You will learn how to do false dovetail shuffles with a bridge, overhand shuffles, one-handed shuffles and flourish cuts.

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1. Heinous Shuffle – Simulates a dovetail shuffle with a bridge that is ideal for strolling environments.

2. Heinstein Shuffle – Considered by many top card magicians to be the best and only in the hands false shuffle that you need.

3. Truffle Shuffle 2.0 – Karl’s variation of Derek Delgaudio’s Truffle Shuffle that utilizes a deceptive new technique.

4. False Overhand – A relatively easy version of a shuffle commonly used in home card games.

5. Lavand2 Shuffle – Simultaneous one-handed false bridge shuffles inspired by Rene Lavand.

6. Transformer Cut – A five packet flourish cut that has many applications and really looks like it mixes up the packets.

7. Swing Kids Cut & Production – A fast flourish cut with a flashy production and spin out.

8. Equilateral Cut & Production – A unique flourish cut with a design and an instant flash production of a selected card.

9. Doublemint Cut – Combines two easy one-handed cuts in a very deceptive way.

10. Charlier Shuffle – A sloppy version of a classic way of falsely mixing cards in a very casual but extremely convincing way.

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