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The legendary Texas Card Expert explains his REVOLUTIONARY Gravity Zarrow Shuffle, then applies it to highly deceptive Two-Shuffle and One-Shuffle Full-Deck controls.

Gary’s approach eliminates the tells and expands the good angles of Herb Zarrow’s Magnificent Creation.

The focus is on Gary’s Crystal-Clear Teaching, Captured in theatrical-quality HD Video by Bill Taylor’s 3-Camera Hollywood Crew.

Here’s what’s covered:

– The Original Zarrow Shuffle, Plus Vernon’s and other handlings

– Gary’s Zarrow Shuffle in Detail / 3 Cameras

– “Triumph” with the Zarrow (performance only)

– Two-Shuffle, Full-Deck Controls

– One-Shuffle, Full-Deck Controls, including the Oeinck Shuffle Rediscovered

– 26-Card Control

BONUS Performances: Poker Deal, A Math Trick, Bamboozled

Here are comments so far about the DVD:

“Gary’s Zarrow DVD is really something special.
Not only is Gary a completely engaging teacher, but of note also has to be the incredibly professional video work, the finest editing I’ve seen on a “magic” DVD, and lighting far superior to anything I’ve seen or purchased to date.

That Gary’s actual Zarrow Shuffle is flawless – and perhaps one of the most useful false shuffles of the genre seems only to be a given.
This DVD features a multi-camera shoot, with the all important seamless cut-aways to Gary speaking, cut-aways which keeps you engaged on a personal level with the instructor, and are rarely (if ever) seen in magic DVD’s.
“I note too that, rather than using a locked-off camera, the ultra close ups of Gary’s hands are actually unlocked in order to follow perfectly the moves he’s teaching – a small point, but one that ensures you miss absolutely nothing.
For a teaching DVD, and for the Zarrow Shuffle – I’ve not to date seen anything better than Gary’s offering here, and wonder if it could ever be surpassed.
10 out of 10, highly recommended, and if one is interested in the Zarrow Shuffle, the current last word on the topic. ” – silverking – Magic Cafe

“I just had the pleasure of watching Gary Plant’s new, wonderful, DVD on the Zarrow Shuffle. What a gold mine. I recall like it was yesterday when Gary “Fooled” me with his deceptive variant of Herb Zarrow’s legendary false shuffle. I was so energized by Gary’s handling that I immediately offered my services to illustrate it (at no charge), if he would make it available to the magic community. In my opinion Gary Plants has taken the Zarrow Shuffle to the next level, making it the most deceptive, versatile, table false shuffle ever created and a must for anyone interested in the finer aspect of card magic. The video is professional shot using three cameras, well edited, clearly explained, and includes a brief history of the Zarrow Shuffle. And like all of Gary’s products the DVD is nicely packaged. When I illustrated Gary’s superb booklet Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle, I was hoping that Gary would eventually make his shuffle available on DVD, and now he has. Thanks my friend. Your DVD will be an immense help for those interested in learning the workings of your wonderful false shuffle.” – Tom Gagnon

It’s true: a picture is a worth a thousand words, and a video is 30 pictures a second. Watching Gary do the shuffle is worth every penny. At speed, it looks regular and he gets rid of the tells associated with other false table riffles. As he says in the booklet, the key is to make your false shuffle look like your real shuffle.
If you do a Zarrow shuffle but don’t know Gary’s work on it, you should get this. If you want a deceitful table riffle shuffle and don’t have one, you should get this.” -Mike Squires

“I agree with Tom Gagnon and Mike Squires. Gary Plants’ new DVD on the Zarrow Shuffle is an outstanding production both in quality and content. Gary’s version of the shuffle is the only version I am aware of where the fair and false shuffles look identical. The shuffle itself appears fair and innocent. Also, I doubt there is a better technique for performing Vernon’s Triumph.
This information is essential for the serious student of card magic. The shuffle is invaluable for anyone who requires to control half to the full deck with a table shuffle.
You can’t go wrong – Tom Gaudette

If you’ve never seen him perform it you will be shocked at how good this shuffle looks in Gary’s hands. The instruction on the video is some of the clearest and most detailed I’ve seen anywhere, making it an invaluable companion to Gary’s (fantastic) booklet. – Indigo – Magic Cafe

My package arrived here in Aus today. Great production value, great teaching and I really loved seeing the Oeinck shuffle performed. It totally flew by me at first (I had to rewatch it). Also I very much enjoyed seeing the previews, especially the first as it exceeded expectations. – Bobbycash – Magic Cafe

Mr. Plants, Got the DVD last week. I love the handling of the shuffle. The 3 teasers at the end of the DVD are killing me. When are you going to have your next DVD ready? Just wondering. -Doug W.

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