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Everybody’s Connected

Begin this mentalist effect by writing the following numbers on a post-it note or similar piece of paper.. leave room at the top for two additional numbers.  To find out how these random numbers are randomly selected, watch the accompanying video at the bottom.


Tell your audience you’re all going to work together to create magic.  With their help they will select a completely random 6-digit number that proves you’re all connected.  For larger groups it is absolutely key they are all able to see the numbers on a projection screen.  People who can’t see the numbers will not engage in the trick and will cause trouble.

Explain to your spectators you’ve previously chosen 5 random 5-digit  numbers and written them on a piece of paper that will be important later. Flash the piece of paper with the 5 numbers on it for everyone to see then set it aside. Here we’re setting the “anchor” by showing the spectators our list of numbers and reinforcing the idea the 5 random numbers existed long before the audience selection is even chosen.

If you have multiple spectators, each one can contribute a random number to the 6-digit sequence. Tell your spectators they can choose any single number from from 1 to 9 and that they are welcome to repeat any previously chosen number. Select someone from the audience (who can do basic math.. or use a calculator) as the “keeper of the numbers”.  They will write down the numbers as the audience selects them.  You’ll go first selecting the first digit.. I recommend at first selecting any number other than “1” then thinking about it and subsequently changing your mind with your final selection being “1” for the first number in the 6 digit sequence.  Now ask the audience to select the remaining 5 numbers.

Special MagicThis next step is very important as it affects subtle timing.  As the audience members are giving you their randomly selected numbers,  you are writing them down as well.  Below each number they select, write their number minus 1.  So if they call out “5” write a 5 with a 4 below it.. next if they call out “3” write a 3 with a 2 below it.  It’ll look something like:

ex.1 5 3 , 6 5 7
ex.  4 2   5 4 6

Have the keeper of the numbers write down the audience chosen numbers as they are called out at the top of a piece of paper. ex 1 5 3 , 6 5 7 then have them circle the number.

Below the circled chosen number have them write down your previously selected numbers: 29,762 + 42,713 + Instead of the 3rd number on your list, give them the number you subtracted from the 6 digit random number 4 2 , 5 4 6 + 17,829 + 20,807

Have the keeper of the numbers add up all five of the 5 digit numbers you have given them and show the results to the crowd.. it will add up to the audience’s randomly selected 6 digit number.

(Seed # – >111,111)