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3D Printable Magic Tricks

Free 3D printable magic tricks. As 3D printers become more accessible to the magic community we’re seeing a lot of innovative projects come out that utilize the PLA medium.  Here’s a list of free magic effects you can download and print at home.  If you know of a magic gimmick or effect not in the list, feel free to submit it through our contact form and we’ll consider adding it.

Ball and Vase
Boston box
Card Deck Case
Charpentier’s three deck illusion
Classic Cups and balls set
Coin Paddle
Dice prediction box
Dlite hold outs
Half dollar bang ring
Magic Missing Square
Magic coin box
Nested coin box holder
Pencil Puzzler
Poker chip hold out
Pom Pom Stick –
Silk to egg shell
Ultimate magic wand
Walnut Shells